Since the Friends was established in 2010, the funds raised have helped us to do many things, especially replace the curtains and blinds throughout the house.  This project started in 2015; it has been a long, slow and expensive process but each room has been uplifted in the process. The project concluded in November 2019 with the installation of the curtains in the bedrooms in the West wing.

Membership includes free entry to our ‘Behind the Wall’ event, Garden Days and email notification of fundraising activities.  The work is voluntary, and we encourage members to help us when we are having functions like our Garden days.

Membership is $50 single or $75 per couple.  It is a life membership.   

In becoming a member of the Friends of Mahratta you will be contributing to the maintenance of the property.  Membership comprises of students of the School of Practical Philosophy and members of the public.

If you would like to become a member, contact us at: Tel: 9489-7925